How L-Arginine Works

Nitric oxide is a gas and cannot be consumed directly. Its production needs to be stimulated through ingesting amino acids such as L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. These amino acids greatly encourage production of NO and help sponsor cardio health, immune function, improve sexual response, increase HGH activity and even reverse certain conditions.

Anti-Aging Skin Boost

A study reported in the July 2005 issue of “The Journal of Trauma” ascertained L-Arginine supplementation boosted collagen synthesis in mice. Collagen, an essential compound for connective tissues, used primarily to protect skin from trauma. As one ages, collagen production slows down. Preliminary scientific studies support the proposed use of L-Arginine for collagen enhancement. L-Arginine is often used to shorten the time to heal wounds. Skin heals itself through three basic steps: inflammation of the wound, reforming tissue around the wound and finally remodeling the tissue. Initial studies have found that supplementing with L-Arginine enhanced the collagen production and supported wound strength. By naturally promoting collagen production, skin can retain its elasticity and vitality.

L-Arginine Studies & Usage

L-arginine is currently used in combination with a variety of prescription and OTC medications for various conditions. Numerous health studies have been conducted on the benefits of L-Arginine and Nitric oxide including:
• With ibuprofen for migraine headaches
• Along with chemo-therapy drugs for treating breast cancer
• With other amino-acids for treating weight loss
• Used with fish oil for reducing infections, improving wound healing, shortening surgery recovery time
• Applied to skin for rapid wound healing
• Increasing blood flow to cold hands/feet for diabetics
• Cream for sexual problems
• In preventing the decline in muscle force following menopause
• Oral administration of L-arginine (up to 30 g/day) in humans does not appear to cause any major adverse reactions. In clinical trials, arginine has been used safely with minor side effects for up to three months

Benefits of L-Arginine Pro Powder

L-Arginine Pro offers so many benefits we call it a Fitness Booster in One Scoop! L-Arginine Pro is researched and designed to promote nitric oxide, which helps to support circulation and releasing nutrients for improved muscle growth and sexual function.
• Increased Muscle Tone
• Improved Athletic Performance
• Greater Energy
• Enhanced Sexual Function
• Supports Immune Function
• Better Memory
• Loss of Weight
• Supports The Effects Of Exercise

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