Good Manufacturing Practices takes pride in its supplement lines. We care about the quality of our products and about your safety.

That’s why we work hard to ensure consistent top quality in our supplements products and whatever else we do. Did you know, its affiliates, subsidiaries and related partners ( follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines? GMPs help assure quality supplement products through a variety of best practices, to ensure quality.


  • Raw materials quality assurance
  • Standards for cleanliness and safety
  • Qualifications of manufacturing personnel
  • In-house testing
  • Production and process controls
  • Record-keeping of substances throughout the manufacturing process’s GMPs works to achieve a more reliable means of achieving quality. GMPs provide ongoing continuous measures of quality that can uncover any quality fluctuations as they occur, before the product is shipped. GMPs are an immediate and consistent way to control quality. GMPs provide quality assurances that go beyond off the shelf testing. Off-the-shelf testing relies upon random sampling of a very small subset of the final product. Enormous resources must be expended to test one ingredient; testing just a few samples of each brand. These tests provide only a snapshot in time of a supplement product’s quality. Fluctuations in product quality are slow to be discovered from after the fact testing.

The need for GMPs takes on further importance because the issues involved in developing test methods for dietary supplements are many and complex.’s GMPs serve as another vehicle for ensuring that you receive at all times:

  • Quality supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Herbs/Botanicals
  • Amino Acids
  • Sports Supplements
  • Concentrates, Metabolites, Constituents, or Extracts



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