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Our Story

Lab88 group of companies was formed in 2001. The company was founded with the mandate to create first-grade supplements and health products without peers. The formulation of each tablet, capsule, or granule was to be formulated for solutions to health issues and/or to fill a need addressing specific health or quality of life issues. Lab88 does not offer ingredients on their own but formulations that have been thought out, planned, mixed, and tested to help our consumers promote better their health and welfare.

Whether it’s to get a better night’s rest, lose weight, increase energy, address sexual disappointment, or any of half a dozen other quality of life concerns, Lab88 designs products to promote the better lives of its consumers every day.

01. Idea Center

Our idea center is always buzzing with different thoughts about how what health issues of society our company can address and what we cannot. Lab88 management speaks frequently with customer service, lab faculty and staff to listen and trade thoughts and ideas. Lab staff has the opportunity to fill in our employees on what is new in the various fields of ingredient sourcing, lab technology, and distribution science. The lab and manufacturing staff will also listen to customer specialists to hear feedback on our products and what new products or health issues people are asking for or discussing respectively.

02. Formulation

The Lab formulators will study the ideas and begin the formulation process. What ingredients are necessary to address a certain healthy quality of life subject, in what mixture percentages, and how can these ingredients be best preserved naturally. The myriad of questions that need to be addressed are studied in the formulation process and then a final proprietary blend will be offered to the specialists in ingredient procurement. Often times the lab specialists may need to confer with leaders in the respective fields from around the country or in government agencies.

03. Quality In, Quality Out

No one is more aware of the importance of fresh quality ingredients than procurement specialists. No matter how effective the formulation, without the highest grade ingredients the quest to offer the best product on the market will not be accomplished. Our ingredients may be grown and shipped in vacuum containers from as far away as South Africa or can be as close as the ingredient compounders in Wichita. In either case, our specialists are assured that they will have the potency and the effectiveness promised on the seal of our bottle.

04. CGMP Certified Labs

Once the ingredients are collected they are shipped to our Current Good Manufacturing Practices Lab where all our tablets and capsules, and granules are manufactured. What is a GMP lab? It means that our manufacturing plant meets FDA Pharmaceutical and GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) standards. This is extraordinarily important and you should never buy from a facility producing these types of substances if it is not certified. According to GMP, each of our products must pass rigorous steps from raw material to finished product.

For dietary supplements, these processes are not required by law. We only use labs that have undertaken these quality assurance and control practices because we are committed to providing you with the very best health care products. The ingredients are mixed, finished, capped in the plant and bottled right there before they leave the facility so that no outside toxins or impurities can be associated with our supplement products. The bottles are sealed for freshness and then packaged and shipped to one of the warehouse locations as soon as possible once they are batched and mixed.

05. Quality Control

Once a product is completed, the QC (quality control) department spot checks and opens products, checks labels, and assured that what we say is in a product is in the product. Nothing more and nothing less! They will check the ingredient freshness prior to the manufacturing process and the uniformity afterwards. Since the lab that manufactures our products is GMP you are assured of quality. Products are stamped and dated with lot numbers and expiration dates to assure potency and freshness.

06. Shipping

Our products are maintained in temperature-controlled quarters to assure that there is no spoilage. Once an order comes through it is immediately packaged after the request has been affirmed and posted and shipped. All requests for products are given an order code so that it is easily tracked. Because of the nature of the product, every product is closely monitored to assure that there is no abuse or contamination. Products are shipped ONLY from our administrative facility. Not out of some obscure warehouse by a staff not closely monitored by management. If you have questions about shipping or tracking they are handled by the same people that answer your phones for questions or comments. The buck stops and starts in our administrative headquarters in New York State.

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